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Winter 2008

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2007 Annual Survey

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And the Survey Says...

We’re doing just fine!

320 Adoption Follow-up Survey forms were mailed to families who adopted Goldens from our organization from 1997 through June 2007.  A big thank you to everyone for keeping us informed of your whereabouts and for giving us your cell phone numbers! 39% of the forms were completed and returned to us.  Your responses were thorough and candid and we’re using this input to help improve our processes.

Of course we love to hear how well we’re doing!  Each and every one of you told us you were happy with the dog you adopted and that you felt we made an excellent match. You felt we were accurate with our description of the dog and if you needed further assistance from us post adoption, you received it.

If we felt any of the feedback required further clarification or a response, a member of our Board of Directors followed up with the adopter.  We take this information very seriously!

Sadly, three of our adopters’ dogs had died over the past year and our condolences are with each of you.

We also received some wonderful pictures. Did we tell you how much we LOVE pictures?  Following are the comments we received and the pictures that were returned along with the surveys.

  • Beau is a terrific dog!
  • I feel the process you have to go through is the right thing to do
  • Still acts like a puppy!
  • Perfect match!
  • Sarge is now 11 years old – would definitely adopt another Goldie when the time comes
  • God bless all you do and all Golden Retrievers
  • We are dang GREAT!
  • You’re doing great work – rescuing Goldens lives and human hearts – keep it up! And thank you.
  • Provide more background history on dog from owner who is giving dog up.
    Editor’s note:  Whenever possible we try to obtain copies of all the vet records from the prior vet.  This is not always possible if the dog has not been seen regularly by a veterinarian or if the previous vet will not supply a copy of the records due to NJ confidentiality laws.
  • Very thorough process, people should go thru this before they have a child
  • Kip needs to have his paw held most of the time so we hold it most of the time!
  • Appropriate and designed to place the Goldens in a good home – keep up the good work!
  • We had a positive experience with our adoption. Everyone involved was extremely helpful, especially Anne, Sasha’s foster mom!
  • Buddy & Pumpkin are both well and happy. They fill our house with joy every minute they are with us.  The both come to work with me every day and have quite a fan club!  People come to the store just to visit them – I’m just their ride!  I thank you so much for bringing us together!
  • When we adopted no home visit was required but I think it’s a good idea; nobody who cares should have a problem with it
  • Love the newsletters!
  • Only that there were conflicting opinions about crating and grooming
  • I felt that the process was thorough and led to an accurate placement for Chelsea as well as our family! I don’t remember what it was like without her!  She makes all of us, including our other Golden, Daphne, smile!!!
  • Foster mom Judy and I still email – it is so nice to share what Amber is up to with someone who knows and cares about her.  We experienced a lot of support when our first dog died – Scarlett. It still makes me sad.
  • Good system, I like that our home visitor brought their Golden
  • Very professional and nice through the entire process.  We’re pleased that you take the time and energy and care to assure that these wonderful dogs are placed in good homes. We couldn’t be happier – our Bear is an absolute sweetie!  Bear’s foster mom, Debbie Smith, is an absolutely wonderful person. We enjoy our occasional emails back and forth, and we got to see each other at the GRRI picnic in September.  She was thrilled to see Bear!  She was so pleased to hear and see that Bear is so happy. Bear really has come around – she’s such a happy little dog! It’s thrilling!  Thank you!!!!
  • Larry and I can only tell you that the entire experience with GRRI was absolutely wonderful!  We were thrilled that you take the time to interview the pet's future home and their new family.  The foster parents and veterinary care is wonderful.  When we welcomed Spanky home he had been extremely overweight and was already on a weight loss program and had great veterinary care.  He is so wonderful and loving. His little brother, Sawyer, adores him! We feel as if he was always a part of our lives!  We have recommended GRRI to so many people and are proud to do so!  As we’ve told you before in our correspondence, we wish we could adopt so many more, and will do so again at another point in our lives!  God bless you and everyone associated with GRRI!
  • Copper was 11 weeks old when we adopted him, he has become a wonderful dog!
  • I feel the process you have to go through is the right thing to do
  • We love our dear sweet Daisy and pray we have many more healthy years together!
  • Thanks for allowing me to adopt Archie; he is a very special boy!
  • Excellent and thorough, needed to protect the dog
  • I am so proud and happy to be part of GRRI!
  • Touch bases setting up home visit sooner
  • Everything very good. We love our dog and we love the reunion picnics too!
  • The process was great!  The lady who did our home visit was great!
  • GRRI does a fantastic job!!
  • Believe you could follow up with adopter at intervals
  • Great organization; thank you!
  • Excellent process!
  • It was smooth and everyone was very helpful!
  • GRRI does a thorough job and everyone was very helpful
  • Thorough job and provides a great service
  • We are extremely grateful – thank you!
  • I would have liked someone to have called and to check on Sam to make sure he was doing ok.  We never heard from GRRI!  Thanks for a wonderful dog – our Sam!
    Editor’s note
    :  It’s our policy to have the foster home follow up with the adopter after the dog is placed in their forever home and then to advise the adopter that they should feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or updates that they might have.  We’re sorry this didn’t happen in your case.  This is something we’ll re-emphasize with our foster homes.
  • Impressed by your thoroughness and caution. It was worth the wait!
  • Long wait to adopt  
  • Very well run!
  • Very good!  Home visit is a good idea. I’d rescue again
  • I think everything was handled professionally and her foster mom was very helpful
  • I think you guys are fabulous!  We adore our girl
  • All were professional, compassionate and helpful.  We are still in contact with Michele and Judy and like to share Maverick episodes.
  • Boomer is a perfect match for our family.  We thank you so much for him and look forward to many years of joy and happiness with him.
Abby Doll Chester Dillon Ernie Geary
Boomer & Andrew Daniluk Alex Stanley Chase Salsano
Jack Conlon Lucy Schmidt Max Garbaccio
Patton Herman   Rusty Thompson