Vol 11 No 1

Winter 2009

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Rusty's Story

Ear Ablation Surgery

How Do I Love Thee?

Dear Santa

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Fond Farewells

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Tales of Gold

Remembering With Fondness

Remembering with Fondness

Nugget Croft
Nugget, beloved GRRI Golden of Betty & Mary Croft

Rusty Campbell
Rusty, beloved GRRI Golden of Dee Campbell

Simba Bergner
Simba, beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI volunteers Olivia & Bill Bergner

, beloved GRRI foster Golden of Michelle Friedman & Brian Gilligan

Toby Lilien
Toby, beloved cat of GRRI volunteer Judy Lilien

Angelo Urna
Angelo Urna, beloved Golden of Jeanne Urna & Lino Legrottaglie

Ginger Stein
Ginger, beloved GRRI Golden of Amy & Marvin Stein

Elma Smith, former GRRI adopter and supporter

Taffy, beloved GRRI Golden of Cathy Clements

Fitzgerald, beloved GRRI Golden of Elaine Pitta

Kynda, beloved Golden of the Stack Family

Zachary, beloved GRRI Golden of Christine & Joseph Koefer