Vol 12 No 1

Winter 2010

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Tales of Gold

Remembering With Fondness


Listen for angels hovering near,
Whispering words you are longing to hear-
Love is not over….life is not gone…
Now and forever, the spirit lives on.


Joseph Urso, beloved father of GRRI volunteer Mark Urso

Jasper McQuade
Jasper, beloved GRRI Golden of Pat McQuaide

Kayla Schnorrbusch
Kayla, beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI volunteer Linda Schnorrbusch

Daisy, beloved GRRI Golden of Peggy & Steve Grow

Rascal Glazer
Rascal, beloved Golden of the Glazer family

Rush Bergner
Rush, beloved GRRI Golden of GRRI volunteers Olivia & Bill Bergner

Sydney Iannarelli
Sydney, beloved Golden of Susan Iannarelli

Cherokee Esser
Cherokee, beloved GRRI Golden of Nina & Paul Esser

Quincy Benjamin
Quincy Benjamin, beloved GRRI Golden of Bobbie Greco & Sue Mollica

Lucky Mogerman
Lucky, beloved Golden of GRRI volunteers Sylvia & Phil Mogerman

Rudi Leibfried
Rudi, beloved Golden of GRRI volunteer Sandy Leibfried & family

Tanner McCarn
Tanner, beloved Golden of GRRI volunteers Joanie McCarn & Lyn Skeuse

Chewy Berrier
Chewy, beloved GRRI Golden of Amy & Dave Berrier

Cody Ready
Cody, beloved Golden of GRRI volunteers Barb & John Ready

Murphy Collins
Murphy, beloved GRRI Golden of Nancy & Bob Collins

Duke Girvan
Duke, beloved Golden of GRRI volunteers Lilli & Tom Girvan

Kai Urna
Kai, beloved GRRI Golden of June Urna

Lola (top), beloved companion of the Neff family

Jake Thompson
Jake, beloved GRRI Golden of Karen & Norm Thompson

Chip, beloved GRRI Golden of Anna Campbell

Cleo & Okie, beloved Goldens of Helen & Charles Mara